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Summary: Never Be Boring Again
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This work offers a summary of the book 'NEVER BE BORING AGAIN: Make Your Business Presentations: Capture Attention, Inspire Action And Produce Results' by Doug Stevenson.Doug Stevenson has been a Hollywood actor, owned his own carpentry and remodeling business, worked as a mobile disk jockey and built his own real estate brokerage. He began teaching presentation skills in 1990 and is today a public speaking coach, speech writer and presentation consultant. His proprietary speaking methodology, The Story Theater Method, is now used by thousands of clients worldwide.According to Doug Stevenson, the key to giving dynamic business presentations is to tell compelling and well-crafted stories that bring the principles to life for your audience. To become a better public speaker and genuinely connect with your audience, learn how to tell stories well: 'Stories are the best way to deliver content. Using a well-crafted story is the key to winning over resistant audiences. If you have to give bad news, sharing a story often makes listeners understand a decision and accept it, even when they don't like it.'Never Be Boring Again is an entertaining and easy-to-read book. Read this book and you will never be boring again when giving business presentations.

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